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Who We Are

NACM Is Relevant To:

NACM is relevant to direct service case managers and service coordinators, working with:
  • Adults experiencing mental illness, developmental disabilities, or substance abuse issues
  • Children dealing with mental illness, developmental disabilities, or substance abuse
  • Case managers working with welfare reform
  • Case managers working with the elderly
  • Case managers working with people who experience physical disabilities
  • Key case management and/or service coordination include:
  • Engaging in a hopeful relationship with the person/family served
  • Assessment of strengths and needs
  • Developing a service plan, in partnership with the person/family, to achieve desired outcomes
  • Locating, linking, and following up with needed services and supports
  • Monitoring, coordinating, and adjusting services and supports to achieve desired outcomes
  • Crisis prevention and intervention
  • Advocacy for the person/family

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