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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Trauma Informed . . . Why it Matters
Marti Rabe

This presentation will serve as an introduction to the destructive powers of trauma, seek to explain what coping mechanisms are and the impact they have on an individual and provide a new lens for looking at individuals who have experienced trauma.

The participant will:
1.  Understand what trauma is.
2.  Understand what trauma does.
3.  Understand what the ACE study and why it was groundbreaking.
4.  Understand what coping mechanisms are and why they develop.
5.  Understand why it is important to be trauma informed.
6.  Understand ways to shift the paradigm and change your world view.

Marti Rabe has worked in behavioral health for over 20 years and is currently a Network Specialist for Region V Systems and has served in that role for over ten years. One element of this role is conducting audits of network services. Given the opportunity to review behavioral health files in depth has clearly shown the connection between traumatic life events and subsequent mental health and substance abuse concerns as well as the disconnect that often occurs during treatment.
Several years ago Region V’s audit process included completing trauma informed surveys for each of the provider agencies in Region V’s network. These surveys revealed the need to move the system toward more trauma informed services. Marti is a member of the Trauma Informed Workgroup at Region V and has been involved in the development of policies and activities that surround trauma-informed care. Marti has been certified as a trainer for Trauma 101 and passionately believes in the importance of making these connections and enabling individuals to move past their past.

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