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20 Simple Ways to Help the Environment

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, celebrated on April 22. In honor of the cause we share with you 20 ways to help our environment:

1. Switch as many light bulbs to compact fluorescent bulbs as possible
2. Lower your thermostats: heater, water heater and refrigerator
3. Use a low-flow shower head
4. Plant a tree
5. Turn off lights and electronic appliances when you aren’t using them
6. Use ceiling fans in the summer
7. Dry your clothes outside
8. Go vegetarian for a week
9. Recycle newspapers
10. Switch from bottled water to a reusable container
11. Cut your shower time down
12. Use reusable bags when you go shopping
13. Pay your bills online
14. Avoid fast food
15. Recycle glass
16. Use rechargeable batteries
17. Use your microwave instead of your oven
18. Install weather stripping around your doors and windows
19. Water your grass in the morning
20. Minimize pesticide use

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