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Sessions & Schedule

Sessions & Schedule

Pre-Conference Sessions

During the 18th Annual Case Management Conference, Teamwork to Make a Dream Work: Collaborations for Effective Outcomes, NACM will offer three diverse pre-conference sessions. See below for more information on each session. For biographical sketches of all the presenters please visit Sessions & Schedule: Speaker & Faculty List page.

Full Day Pre-Conference Sessions

What is Trauma and Why Must We Address it?: Creating Trauma-Informed Systems of Care

Raul Almazar, RN, MA
Brian Sims, MD
Tonier Cain

National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors (NASMHPD)
Alexandria, VA

SAMSHA’s "Promoting Alternatives to Seclusion and Restraint through Trauma-Informed Practices" promotes trauma-informed practices in the delivery of services to people who have experienced violence and/or trauma and are seeking support for recovery and healing. This presentation will address the prevalence of trauma and suggest techniques to reduce the likelihood of re-traumatization. Participants will learn what trauma is and how it affects individuals—psychologically, developmentally, and neurobiologically. Self-regulation strategies will also be explored.

Participants will be able to:

  1. Define trauma and its effects on the brain.
  2. Identify at least four strategies to reduce the likelihood of re-traumatization.
  3. Explore a minimum of two ways trauma affects people developmentally, psychologically, and physiologically.
  4. Create a minimum of two action steps to implement trauma-informed practices in their work.

A Unique Perspective on Supportive Housing

Lawrence Hurst, BCD
LA County Depart. of Mental Health
Skid Row and Hollywood Programs
Los Angeles, CA

Thandiwe Gregory, MSW
Downtown Mental Health Center
Los Angeles, CA

Ervin R. Munro, M.S.
M. Yesenia Ortega, BSW
Durian Dunbar

SRO Housing Corporation
Los Angeles, CA

Jim Peightel, M.D.
Jim Piasecki, Ph.D.
Ann Ryan, B.S.
Owen Camuso, B.S.
Resources for Human Development
Philadelphia, PA

Participants in this pre-conference will have an opportunity to learn about a housing continuum of care presented from two different areas of the nation—Los Angeles, CA, and Philadelphia, PA. They will also have a guaranteed opportunity to tour SRO Housing Corporation’s Continuum of Care located in the “Skid Row” area.

Members from SRO Housing Corporation and the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health (DMH) will outline philosophical positions and approaches to providing supportive housing for special needs populations. Participants will be provided tools to efficiently and effectively guide person served through a process leading to stability and harmony within their housing.

This presentation will be followed by a tour of “Skid Row”, conducted by SRO Housing Corporation, providing a first-hand view of the largest concentration of homeless and very low-income individuals in the United States. Participants will see how SRO Housing Corporation and DMH work together to develop affordable housing and provide supportive services for homeless persons.

Resources for Human Development (RHD) of Philadelphia, PA, will show a unique and effective approach to homeless services reflecting Philadelphia’s nickname of “a city of neighborhoods.” Multiple lessons will be outlined reflecting engagement and collaboration with diverse agency cultures, as well as integrating recovery practices and systems theory at all levels of homeless services and community integration.

Participants will be able to:

  1. Define roles of Service Coordinator, Clinical Provider, and Property Manager.
  2. Explain how the continuum of emergency, transitional, and permanent housing is used.
  3. Describe a model that blends housing and social services.
  4. Describe how Philadelphia’s homeless service system has changed over the past 10 years.
  5. Analyze how utilization of recovery practices and collaboration lead to engagement.

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