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Session Descriptions

Matures, Boomers, Xers and Millenias—
Understanding Motivations and Potential Limitations of Staff

Today’s workforce spans at least five decades. There are individuals who were born before World War II and those who were born the day the Berlin Wall came down and everyone in between. This session will explore the work styles, motivations and work strengths of each generational group. Creating a dynamic work environment will be discussed.

Choose, Get, and Keep Competent Case Managers

The purpose of this session will be to discuss issues related to recruitment and retention of case managers.  We will review some frequently asked questions regarding this process.  The topic of checks and balances within our organizations used to monitor a case manager’s work will be discussed.  We will also explore ideas and initiatives which have proven successful in keeping quality staff, and talk about the opportunities to recruit Certified Peer Specialists as case managers.

My Poor Attitude? Examining Challenges in Supervision

This presentation will examine personal attitude and how it drives behaviors that may present a challenge to supervisors. Fundamental expectations and elements of professional behavior will be explored. Also, various interventions that supervisors can utilize to impact the attitude of supervisees will be discussed.

The Right Supervision, to the Right Person, at the Right Time:
Providing Responsive Leadership

Enhancing your skills as a supervisor as well as increasing your proficiency with the tools of the trade will result in increased employee performance. This session is designed to provide you with the identification of your most dominate work style, familiarize you with some essential supervisory tools and help you identify some “Best Practices” to use with your employees at the right time…in the right situations.

Ethical Issues in Supervision and Case Management

This session will explore the typical limit and boundary issues found both in supervision and case management. Personal history plays a strong role in such problems usually beginning in the family or origin. The session will propose approaches to recognizing and managing these roadblocks to assist in more effective supervision and case management.

Self-care & Burnout Prevention for Supervisors

Supervisors report they routinely feel “stressed out.” This training will focus on the practical aspects of identifying and managing routine stress and burnout. Participants will be asked to list ways they experience stress and/or burnout in their lives. This will be followed by discussions of how people cope with stress and/or burnout in both helpful and unhelpful ways. Several self-care methods to help handle and even avoid stress and/or burnout will be discussed and experienced.

Presenter Panel: Managing Outcomes

This session will offer the opportunity to confer with a panel of case management consultants regarding your questions about dilemmas faced daily by case management supervisors. What are the outcomes that we are attempting to achieve with the people we serve? How do we manage resources to place our case managers in the best position to achieve these outcomes? What are the successes that we have already attained? Along with our panel, experience an inspiring conclusion to this two day supervisory seminar.

Legal Disclaimer: The views and opinions contained in the educational offerings described in this publication do not necessarily reflect those of the National Association of Case Management, Behavioral Health Training and Education Network (BHTEN), or The Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health and Mental Retardation Services and should not be construed as such.

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